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"Designs by Shelley"

What other form of knitting is so forgiving?  Make a bit of an error in counting?  No big deal--it will be invisible in the process of FELTING!  Forget to increase?  Just do it on the next row!  It won't show!  And don't forget - once felted, an item is waterproof!   

Dear Friends in Knitting:
Wow!  2008 has almost hit the history books and it has been a memorable year on many counts.  I remained busy working at my local library, knitting and reading.  I started a knitting group at the library and we have had a hilariously fun time. 
I managed to finish a few projects this year, including the Kuani Sweater, a "Hokie" maroon and orange colored sweater to wear to our football games, a few pairs of socks, a clapoti shawl and many other asundry projects. 
2009 will soon be upon us, which means more resolutions.  One of mine is to dig deep into the recesses of my stash  and weed out unloved yarn as well as still-loved, yet unfinished projects that have been neglected far too long. 
I wish for all of you to have a productive and happy finish to 2008, many celebrations with friends and family over the holidays and many many fun trips to the yarn shop!
Take care and best wishes...Shelley

My grandchildren, Drew and Ava

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The "Bobble Bag"
Approx. finished size: 12 x 12"

The "Carpet Bagger"
Approx. finished size: 23" w x 15" h

The "Kati Cross - Over" Bag

Approximate finished dimensions: 14"w x 22" tall

The "Jester" Bag

Approximate size: 11"w x 14"h

The Felted "Rainbow" Bag
Approx. dimensions: 16"w x 17"h

The REVERSIBLE "Inside-Out" Bag
Approximate finished size: 11w x 10.5h

The "Ribbon" Bag!

Approx. finished size: 9"h x 12"w

The "Retro" Bag

Approximate size: 10"w x 14"h

The "Pink Lady" Bag

Approximate dimensions: 8-9"w x 10-12"h

The Mega & Phat Pink Lady Bag

Mega Approximate size: 19" w x 12.5" tall Phat 15" x 8.5"

The "Cloud Nine" Bag

Approximate size: 9"w x 3" deep x 11"h

The "Twice As Nice" Bag

Approximate size: 10"w x 8"h/12"w x 11"h

Julie's Book Club Bag
Approximately 6" w x 21" h

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